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The Local Farmer specializes in ground beef patties including: Steakhouse Seasoned, Bacon & Cheddar, Prime Rib and Regular (85% Lean Craft). Sourcing from local farms allows The Local Farmer to support its local communities.

Made In The USA

Premium Burger Patties

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The Local Farmer Difference

The Local Farmer Difference

It’s tough to beat Midwestern-raised, corn fed premium angus beef raised by local family farmers and processed at a new and local, quality-oriented harvest facility. Finished beef is then further processed by a local and family-owned premier meat purveyor with over 60 years of experience and expertise. The Local Farmer pledges to keep local beef local to ensure communities are enriched and fortified for generations to come.

Background The Local Farmer Difference

Our Mission

To provide unmatched beef burgers that families and friends, large and small, can enjoy while supporting their local farmers.

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making a midwest impact

Introducing The Local Farmer Ground Beef Burger Patties

Crafted with care and dedication, these premium ground beef patties not only offer exceptional flavor but also embody a commitment to sustainability and community empowerment. With each bite, you're not just savoring the finest quality beef; you're also championing the dedication of those who tirelessly tend to our lands. Join us in celebrating the heart and soul of our food system – our local farmers – and savor the difference they make in every juicy bite.

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